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Walicki's Slavophile Conservative Utopia

‘In some sense all these dreamers seeking the past – to whom I belonged for the three days I spent walking Lvov’s streets and parks – are the ideal conservatives, they replicate perfectly conservatives’ impotence. They search for something that doesn’t exist, something that may never have existed, […]. They seek better, more beautiful times, and even if some obliging shaman agreed to resurrect what they desire for five minutes, that is, life before the disaster, the crowds, the clouds, the window displays, the shrubs before the disaster, they would still cry out in dismay, “Oh no, that’s not it, it was far more marvellous before!”’
-Adam Zagajewski, ‘Should We Visit Sacred Places?’
Writing of ‘the anti-capitalist character’ of the Slavophiles’ worldview in his magisterial account The Slavophile Controversy (1975), the great Polish intellectual historian Andrzej Walicki observed that ‘it is precisely this utopian Weltanschauung which is the most original aspect of Slavophilism and ensure…

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